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Painted Clothing

Our "wearable art" items are original designs by Swirls and Twirls.  Though the following items have been sold, the actual painting can be custom-ordered on another denim piece.

Denim items are available for the painting!  We have many denim clothing items in stock; dresses, skirt-alls, and overalls are available in a number of sizes and styles.  Please contact us with your particular interest(s) and clothing size needed.  If there is a specific design you desire or you would like to discuss an idea for us to paint for your special someone, we would be happy to discuss it with you!

Please note our wash and care recommendations for any painted garment purchased here at Swirls and Twirls.

Custom Painted Clothing

Scroll down to find a sampling of previous painted clothing designs.  Swirls and Twirls original designs are often posted for auction at eBay and displayed below for your inspiration in creating the perfect outfit for your little one.  Don't forget, we can do mother-daughter or matching sibling painted clothing designs as well!  The Price Scale for custom painting items can be found below.  If you desire an adult-size, please contact us for pricing.

Denim.  Denim.  Denim.  You will find that the choice palette for the designs at Swirls and Twirls is Denim.  Denim has the perfect texture, durability with wear and tear, a nice tight weave and 'holds' the paint well.  If you desire an outfit that is not of denim, please let us know.

Painted Clothing Price Scale:
All sizes require an initial deposit to begin work.

All Child Sizes $50.00 and up $30.00

Want to personalize a favorite item in your child's closet?  Have a favorite pair of denim overalls, blue jean jacket, jeans, skirt-all, or otherwise that you would like to have custom-painted for your child?  Contact us for details on custom painting on previously owned/worn garments.  Although Swirls and Twirls cannot guarantee wear and tear on a garment that has been worn and washed multiple times, we would be glad to personalize it for your child.

Own a boutique or specialty children's clothing store?  Swirls and Twirls will accept wholesale and bulk orders for six (6) or more garments.  Please contact us for agreeable wholesale quantity/bulk pricing.  Deposits will apply.

Previous Designs

Click on the images to view more details.

Vibrant Autumn leaves are strewn across this size 3T denim overall design.
Autumn Leaves are Falling!
We have taken a great pair of Land's End 3T overalls and covered them with the most vibrant hand painted fall leaves. Lily is wearing an orange body suit , but it would be gorgeous paired with many of the colors in the leaves, such as the olive green , a light pink, or even brown! Try a short sleeve look for milder months!

Autumn Leaves Overalls ~ Back View  Overalls seen here with a vibrant orange body suit.  The many colors of fall stand out against the denim background!


Close-up of Pumpkin on back!

Notice the pumpkin on the bum!!

Yummy Pumpkins!
This is an adorable Baby Gap® 2XL denim dress originally designed and hand-painted with bright orange pumpkins, green leaves, and, of course, beautiful swirls in the vines. 

Also, just a little glitter effect for added sparkle for the holidays.  Notice the pumpkin on the "bum!"  Really Cute!!

A glitter effect added sparkle for the holidays!

Yummy Pumpkins!



Colorful leaf and pumpkin Esprit denim skirtall!
Pumpkin Pie!
You can just about taste that pumpkin pie with this colorful leaf and pumpkin Esprit, denim skirtall!  Notice the single, large pumpkin on the back!  Pictured with a bright orange tee.  The size shown is size 24 Months.  Straps are adjustable to fit a size 18 Month as well.  Ripe for the pickin'!

A single, large pumpkin painted across the back!  Pumpkin close-up from back of skirtall.  This can be worn with a range of bright to deep colors!



Puppy Dress ... inspired by Lily.

Puppy Dress
Inspired by Lily who just loves puppies, this little denim is adorned at the waist by colorful flowers on the front and back of the dress. There has to be a puppy to love on the skirt peeking of where else? Yep, a flower pot! Size 3T.

Beautifully Detailed Butterfly Dress!

Butterfly Dress
Look at the amazing detail in each butterfly on front and back of this sweet denim!!!  Perfect for the butterfly lover in your child! Such a delight! Size 3T.


Tomato, Tomatoes!!

Tomato, Tomatoes!!
We have covered this Esprit denim jumper/skirtall with glittering, cute little tomatoes, front and back. What fun! Easy to wash! Easy to wear in a size 2T!!




Aren't snowmen fun?!  This streamlined denim dress is alive with squeezable SnoPeeps tossed about the front and back in snow flakes and twirly swirls! 

Snowy Days!!

Snowy Days
Snowmom, Snowkids, Snowflakes!  Notice the faux trim at the waist!  Just an added lacy touch to "fool the eye" and add charm to the sweet dress.  A Baby Gap dress painted for a winter angel in size 4XL.


Snowmom and Child in a Winter Wonderland!

Snowmom and Child
Here is a denim dress by OshKosh with a pretty, soft trim at the hem and edging out matching hat.  We have added a sweet snowmom and her child, standing in their snowy, winter wonderland.  Beautiful snowflakes and touches of glitter scatter all around to add to the illusion of a frosty cold day.



Child Celebrating with Snowman!

Child celebrating with Snowman
Frosty comes alive on this painted denim dressFront and back views make Christmas come alive with laughter and dancing.

Ornament Dress

Ornament Dress
Christmas trees are adorned with brilliant greens, golds and reds - and so is this dress!  See the vibrant front and back views!


Snowlady and Snowchild

Snowlady and Snowchild
Is there anything more Christmas than a well-dressed Snowlady?!  This denim dress is painted from neck to hem-line with a Snowlady dressed to the hilt.  View front and back details here.


Small Leaf Design

Small Leaf Design
Leaves are aflutter in this colorful fall design.  Paired with a long-sleeve shirt in the winter and short-sleeve in the summer, it makes for a perfectly delightful cross-season design!

Asian Girl Design

Asian Girl Design
Can denim have an Asian flair?  It most certainly can!  Look at the beautiful painted details adorning this lovely, A-Line Asian dress.


Growing like a vine!

Floral Jeans
Gives new meaning to growing like a weed!  These jeans with their swirly-twirly stems and girly pink flower petals are the perfect addition to a denim pant leg!


Whimsical Princess

These overalls were a custom order for a 'little princess' with a love for cats and flowers.  The design elements; hair, skin & and eye color were by request.  These were a size larger than our little Lily, but she enjoyed modeling them all the same.  Check out the detail at the leg's hemline!






Painted Clothing has been all the rage for years.  The Swirls and Twirls design team displays a 'flashback' focus on some of th late 80s and early 90s painted clothing for your viewing pleasure.




Wash and Care:  Swirls and Twirls uses only the finest of fabric paints for their designs.  The artists' recommendations are that the painted clothing be washed gently in cold and hung to dry.

Rejoice in the Lord Always. Again I will say, Rejoice!!!!! Phil.4:4 NKJV


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